Whenever someone mentions ‘socks and sandals’, it’s hard not to picture a baby-boomer wearing Costco-brand socks and Tevas with an old college-basketball t-shirt and cargo shorts. But this season, ‘socks and sandals’ have been endorsed by a new crowd. Thanks to fashionistas around the world, the combination is increasingly becoming adopted, especially by those with VIEW MORE
New York and London Fashion Weeks have come and gone, and Milan is finishing up. What’s next, Christmas? This season and year has flown by… Last on the list is Paris (where we will be in 10days!), but until then we have chosen our favorite street snaps from London : think trenches in every color VIEW MORE
Canada is filled with some amazingly talented, creative, and inspirational people. Meet some people who are born in Canada and have made their mark around the world & inspire us at Coup!   Tommy Ton :: Photographer  Born in Ontario, Tommy Ton started his career off the young age of 15. A photographer who mainly VIEW MORE