Accessories are a girls best friend. We can have the most basic outfit – a pair of denim jeans (we love MOTHER) and a basic white tee, but when you pair those basics with a killer bag or an insane pair of shoes. You are invincible. Investing in shoes or bags is a must, as VIEW MORE

How would you style…

October 30, 2012

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Your Sophie Hulme? After viewing Sophie Hulme in Paris, we are anxiously awaiting our new delivery. Hands down one of the best handbag lines we have seen. We are also THE ONLY retailer in Canada who stocks them (!) Very special indeed. follow us on instagram @coupgarmentboutique to see the moment they arrive. Until then… VIEW MORE
We’re SO excited to introduce Laura Vela  to Coup’s collections & to Canada. Laura Vela’s designs suit Coup so swimmingly with their worn yet rich “world traveler’s” look; being classic, rustic, and contemporary all at once. We LOVE them! Sold exclusively at Coup in Canada. Here’s a peek: See? VIEW MORE