I feel like the outfits on weekend II will be even better than weekend I. A little bit of imitation, a little bit of inspiration, and 40 degree temperatures are sure to liven things up. Here are some items from our hypothetical suitcase .  .  . once again:  OK that’s enough Raquel for now . VIEW MORE
Since we weren’t actually there, we have scoured our favorite blogs to narrow down who WE thought took the cake at Coachella last weekend. p.s. Maybe I didn’t look hard enough but aren’t there any Coachella “street style” pics of guys?                             VIEW MORE
Our Coachella FOMO is twice as strong and going to be twice as long this year .  . . so nothing like a little vicarious wardrobe planning to ease the pain. It’s a damn good thing I look good in green Here’s a peep into my hypothetical suitcase:            More to come VIEW MORE