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February 26, 2011

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What’s the story on the Equipment blouses, you ask? Let Vogue tell you:

“First launched in 1976 by Christian Restoin (Carine Roitfeld’s partner), Equipment was considered the quintessential resource for relaxed button-down shirts. “Two years after it all started, I didn’t know anyone, celebrity or otherwise, who didn’t own an Equipment shirt,” says Serge Azria (brother of Max), who remembers American retailers’ flying to Paris just to ship boxes’ worth back to the States. Now, with Restoin’s blessing and an all-access pass to the company archives, Azria is staging a comeback for the classic workweek-to-weekend shirts, introducing many of the same washed-silk styles, along with a few new tricks. “It’s a lot like adapting a book for film,” says the Los Angelesbased Azria, who lends the original French label a very California vibe. “The DNA is the same, but we’re doing things that are more directional, too.” In the line: a chambray sun-washed to resemble tie-dye and a two-pocket cargo in khaki cotton twill. “Shirts to wear with jeans,” Azria calls them. Let the collecting begin.”

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