The Little Black Dress!

July 17, 2011


  The Little Black Dress has been a staple in women’s wardrobes since the 1920’s when Coco Chanel designed what would later be referred to as “Chanel’s Ford”; a black, calf-length, dress that was both versatile and elegant.

Since its debut as the dress for all occasions, the LBD has undergone many changes, shorter hemlines, use of knits, or casual fabrics, mod shifts of the 60’s, to business attire in the 90’s. From Audrey Hepburn to Victoria Beckham, the LBD remains a favorite for fashion icons, further demonstrating the LBD’s status as a timeless piece for all women.

Catherine Malandrino is one of my favorite designers for little black dresses; her pieces are the perfect combination of contemporary flair and classic style. Eye-catching, elegant, and never overdone, her line of Luxe Noire dresses transitions flawlessly between day and night.

So whether you’re channeling your inner Holly Golightly, and attending soirées with society’s most fabulous, or running from the office to dinner, a great little black dress will always be your best secret weapon.