Sustainable Beauty

July 24, 2011


Dara Gerson and Ashley Lowengrub, the power couple behind Alkemie Jewelry, were both on the jewelry scene long before starting a collaborative design studio together. Having worked in the industry, both Dara and Ashley struggled to come to terms with the negative impacts of the metal production processes. Unable to continue to support the practices behind gem and metal mining, they joined creative forces to create a line that was both beautiful and socially responsible.

The motivation behind Alkemie’s fair trade, ecologically responsible business practices comes from Dara and Ashley’s daughters, and their desire to not only set an example for them today, but to help create the best possible tomorrow for future generations. Made from 100% reclaimed metal, produced by hand in downtown Los Angeles, Alkemie inspires admiration both for the unique appearance of their pieces, as well as their refreshing philosophy.

Unfortunately for us, not all eco-friendly practices can come in the glamorous form of a Topanga cuff. But while your compost pile or sorted recycling may not be the first thing you brag to your friends about, Alkemie Jewelry can help you ensure that you look as good as you feel while you’re out saving the planet!