Goings On About Coup | November 2011

Two Fabulous Events Down, Two To Go


and, naturally, 4.

We to see you all at one or preferably ALL of the above!

And here is what you may have (but hopefully didn't) missed last week:
(both were huge successes)


When: Friday, November 25th, 2011, 6pm-9pm (Underground Performance @ 8:15pm)

Where: Coup Boutique, 29 Armstrong, Divine Wines,  EyeCare Group, & the Enterprise Square (Bay Station LRT Station)

What???: Great question. Let us explain:

From 6pm-8pm come down to the 4th Street Promenade to mingle and sample local fare, wine, & other refreshments at the 4 “Host Pods” (Coup, 29 Armstrong, Divine Wines, EyeCare Group).

After stopping in at the four host pods please make your way underground via the 104st LRT entrance to Enterprise Square (Bay) Station. Continue on through the ticketing area and onto the LRT platform. When the 8:15 train pulls into the station the performance will begin!

What a great event to bring attention to our street & Mercury Opera! Please come down and support!


From Subway to Pedway

When: This Saturday, November 26th, 2011, 8pm-11pm

Where: The Pedway in City Center Mall

What: Fashion Show & Pop Up Store hosted by Parlour Magazine



Sid Neigum www.sidneigum.com

Genette Salgado www.genettesalgado.com

Malorie Urbanovitch www.malorie-urbanovitch.blogspot.com


Coup Garment Boutique

Gravity Pope

Urban Fashion Group

MODELS – Mode Models

MUSIC – Red Star/ Halo

TREATS – Duchess

TICKETS $20 available at Coup Garment Boutique

AFTERPARTY – Halo free with ticket

PHOTO – by Wilkosz & Way