Megan’s nerdtastic outfit of the day

December 11, 2011


The charmingly sweet prep school uniform has graduated from the confines of the classroom and is ready to step out into the world of grown-ups, one patent leather Chelsea boot at a time. And to honor the fast approaching end exam season this semester, I have decided to school you in all things geek chic (you bet that pun was intended).

These are a few of my favorite prep school-inspired things! And they can all be combined into one lovely outfit:

1. A structured leather bag: instantly brings a hint of professional polish to a more casual outfit. (Rebecca Minkoff)

2. The classic silk blouse: A classic wardrobe piece that needs no further introduction. (Equipment)

3. Knits, knits, knits! Amazing to layer, plus they keep you toasty on cold winter days! (IRO)

Pro tip: If fabrics like wool drive your skin insane, layering a blouse underneath your knits will protect you from itchy fibers.

4. Wool Blazer: Why wool? Because it retains its shape better than lighter fabrics like cotton or polyester that tend to look lumpy if layered or worn for extended periods of time -just don’t get it wet… (Smythe)

5. Patent leather: These Harrison booties are my favorite shoe purchase of this season; they repel the wet snow and look amazing while doing it. (Jeffrey Campbell)

6. Cropped pants: Short enough that they show off your shoes, but long enough so you won’t look like you’re wearing capris out of season. (Vanessa Bruno Athé)