Friends & Neighbors – Winter Blues Edition

Coup {garment boutique}… Our home

  The fun parts of winter are basically over and we have begun the long wait to Spring! Luckily visits to our friends & neighbors below (just to name a few) seem to make these months fly by.

1. At 29 Armstrong you’ll find amazing furniture, books, and home accessories, and “objects of wonder” that are original.



2. Start your day off right! At ELM Cafe, Mr. Nate Box is serving fresh meals       (that change lives, and change daily)

Elm Cafe {}

You will most likely spot Anna & or Nga at Corso 32 on any given evening . . .

What would we do without Corso 32? Daniel, Ben, & the whole Corso team are simply the best.

 You might also find us here, at one of our 3 favorites of the “triad” on Jasper & 105th

From the bottom up: MRKT Cafeteria, Red Star, and Halo. Amazing beer, wine, food, music, and dance for all tastes.

 More friends and neighbors to come soon – we didn’t forget you! xo