Style Stars of Coachella 2012 – Weekend 1

April 17, 2012

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Since we weren’t actually there, we have scoured our favorite blogs to narrow down who WE thought took the cake at Coachella last weekend.

p.s. Maybe I didn’t look hard enough but aren’t there any Coachella “street style” pics of guys?

Find this Iro tee @ Coup in coral . . . and tell me where to find these pants


Amazing – and most unique


Less is more


These girls may be in here more than once. V cool.


Harley Viera-Newton always makes the cut


One of our favorite designers, Calla Haynes. Obvious.


Finding the shirt on the right . . .


The shades, the sandals, and everything in between.


Here they are again


Always a hot topic here at Coup


One of the only grunge-free looks. Refreshing!


This one might be my fave


Finding this dress . . .


These pants will be at Coup by the end of the week – many sizes already spoken for


Our friend Sara (on the right), with friend. We creep their photos every year and they always look so damn cute!


This skirt . . .

OK – stay tuned for the Pre-Coachella Weekend II guide followed by the Post-Coachella Weekend II best dressed. Then back to real life . . .