New Shoes In Town: Cobra Society

October 09, 2012

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The Cobra Society.

These shoes are more then just pieces of footwear – they are works of art.

Supporting villages of women in the middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco, and a talented male weaver in the North, each kilim rug was intricately hand-dyed and woven with a unique symbolic meaning through its pattern.

 The Fall collection is called: “Jewels of the Desert Warriors” and was inspired by the designers recent trip to Greece.

This collection elaborates on intricate accents, incorporating bright teal suede pipings, interior leather and kilim linings that can be worn with versatility, and bronze toe/heel pieces that emulate the actual rug pattern.

In person the colors, handwoven details on the boots and the bronze toe/heel are unreal.

We only have a few boots stocked, so make sure you come and check them out . . . we have a feeling they wont last, especially with the fall and winter setting in. . .

One of our favorites.

Fall 2012 Lookbook.

The making of. . . built to last forever.

Our collection.


xo Coup