Nili Lotan Lessons in Layering : Weekend Edition

December 08, 2012

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Times like these (freezing times) call for AT LEAST two shirts (three if you can pull it off) and a jacket. Almost at all times – with the exception being holiday parties (if this is your area of interest, see here) and vacations.

Keep it casual and warm on the weekends with these easy steps (all worn with a the Helmut Lang Wax Denim – (available in store) but any slim cut pant will do):

1. The flannel and/or plaid and/or silk collared shirt. Stylish, classic, and warm – perfect. Here we went with plaid – but feel free to choose your own variation from the above criteria!

Nili Lotan makes the perfect cotton button downs. (In less freezing times we recommend wearing this alone. We like the front half tuck because it shows the waist line and elongates your leg while allowing for coverage of those areas we are always trying to hide (especially at this time of year) – hips and ass. Try it.)

2. The Sweater. If your collared shirt is printed – opt for a solid sweater. If your collared shirt is solid, opt for a printed sweater!

Here we have chosen the Nili Lotan Cream Cable Knit. A true classic. This can also we worn alone – however the collared shirt adds a bit of style, warmth, and itch protection (for those with wool sensitivities).

3. The jacket. If you plan to leave your house you’re going to need one of these. We chose a thin yet roomy option that will accommodate all the layering. This is acceptable because it will seal in all the warmth from your sweater and shirt layers, protect you from the wind chill / fine print ( -15 . . . *feels like -35* ), while reducing the bulk.

The Nili Lotan Poplin Anorak meets our qualifications with ease! This one has a large hood too which we recommend putting up over your beanie. As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve thrown layering step 5 into step 4. Just getting you ready for the beauty that is the 3.1 Phillip Lim Vendetta Bag.

5. The bag. This particular bag goes with absolutely everything. We can’t stop. But in general – one needs a good solid bag – at least in the winter. While  you’re walking the streets all layered up – all you have to show off is your jacket and your bag – so choose well!

Ta da! The 3.1 Phillip Lim Vendetta Bag. This bag is so lovely that it too can we worn alone (in the comfort of your home, or wherever you prefer)