Funny & Fashionable

January 11, 2013

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The world of fashion can sometimes be perceived as “snobby“, “serious” or “pretentious“. Not here at Coup! We’d like to introduce you to a couple of our favorite fashion bloggers to show you that fashion can be playful, loveable and… funny?!


Let’s blog about this blogger… What’s not to love about her! She’s out of the ordinary, yet cool and loveable. She has a not-so “lady-like” mouth on her (great lips- just what sometime come out of those lips are something that grandma might sometimes frown upon). Simple or complex as her outfits may seem, she always looks amazing and pulls it off with a quirky smile and thousands of people in love with what she’s wearing.

She pulls together great designers like, TIBI, Equipment, and has coined the term “arm party” with amazing accessories by Dannijo.

Where to find her: Besides every fashion blog/website/magazine, you can find her at The Man Repeller, Twitter, or Instagram.


Kelly can say it all in 140 characters or less. She first caught our attention on Twitter. She’s funny and sarcastic and says a lot of things that you would like to say but never do. She has a hilarious blog about her daily life with her husband and three kids and a book due out this April called “Everything is Perfect When You’re a Liar”. Besides being sharp and witty, when you look closer into her life,  you’ll notice that she has a wicked fashion sense!… Not only is she Canadian, but she grew up in our own backyard in, Edmonton, Alberta.

She’s a mother of 3, but you’ll never catch her in “Mum-Bum” jeans. You’ll see her in some our favourite lines like Helmut Lang, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Carven and Jenni Kayne.

Where to find her: Follow her on Twitter and Instagram for daily laughs. Her blog, EJECT, is always a great read.

Follow them and creep their sites… You’ll love them as much as we do.