Color of the Year: Emerald

January 18, 2013


It is time to visit Emerald city as it has been declared Pantone’s color of 2013.

Lush, vibrant, jewel tone, earthly, lively are all terms used to describe the color of the year.

Just like nature green looks good with everything – have you ever seen a green tree look out of place?

Do not be afraid of pairing it with bold colors and specifically other jewel tones. Think deep purples, ox blood, navy, it will give your wardrobe an energizing jolt.

For a more zen approach pair it with grey’s, whites or even a muted yellow. It will evoke feelings of balance and harmony.

The possibilities are endless, and we are overjoyed of this color selection.

Green means life and prosperity so we know it will be a good year ahead!

How are you wearing the color of the year?

Below we have featured our favorite TIBI skirt and a few of our favorite 3.1 Phillip Lim accessories.

Tibi skirt, 3.1 Phillip Lim bag, top and shoes.


Coup xo