Buyer’s Diary | Tokyo

March 27, 2013

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As some of you know, we were given the amazing opportunity to travel to Tokyo last week through JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization). This was our first time in Japan but definitely wont be our last.

The highlights: meeting hundreds (literally) of talented designers and observing their impeccable and unique craftsmanship, design, and process; the experience of being a guest of the Japanese Government (wild); the spaces – (although most shops wouldn’t allow photos) we loved the way they create the most amazing restaurant and retail environments in the most unsuspecting spaces; and of course, needless to say, the food.

Here’s a look behind the scenes of our work and play —>

“The Land of the Rising Sun”
This is the view from our hotel room. Due to the time change we were up “bright” and early to watch the sun rise.

No better way to start the day than with a beautiful Japanese Breakfast and a view!

The Trade Shows . . .

We attended a few trade shows and saw some very unique displays! The jacket on the top right is made out of McDonald’s wrappers.

This is from the Plantica display. They are primarily Flower Designers using Ikebana, traditional Japanese flower arrangement. They do installations for stores, theaters, and also create installations combining their method with “Street Art”. This season they created some very cool accessories & Skateboards (shown here). Very cool.

Everything you see here is leather – the shelf, the accessories, the lamp shade, and my personal favorite – this *waterproof* leather umbrella. Want.


It’s all about the details . . .

Ujoh was one of our favorite introductions of the trip! Such a great collection – stay tuned for more info . . .

The Showrooms . . .

Evam Eva had most cozy & calming showroom. Their clothing too – the most amazing cashmere and linen casual wear.

The Shiroma showroom had this crazy bench! It would change colors depending how many people and how close they sit together. Any noise they make manipulates the graphics on the wall behind them.


The inspiration board at ADEAM. One of the prettiest collections of the trip . . .

The Deer prints at ADEAM were amazing. We’re quite obsessed.


They make their own soft serve at ADEAM. What’s not to love? (This is our Temp Guest Buyer , Daniel from Haven Shop.

Who can focus on handbags with that view? Selvedge set up a makeshift showroom in a hotel room at the Ritz! Just lovely – both the bags and the view.

Their crafty Backpack setup in the washroom.

Group photo! Our awesome translator, Ayumi, two JETRO officials , Daniel, & Anna (our every day entourage). Last meeting of the trip! We’re ready to relax.

Other Fun Stuff . . .

The Sacai store was one of the coolest retail spaces we’ve seen (sadly – no photos allowed inside). Definitely recommend finding it if you’re in Tokyo (it’s a bit hidden). Watch for Sacai @ Coup Boutique for Fall/Winter 2013 – we can’t wait!

Every meal was a new and wonderful experience. We often didn’t know what we were ordering but it always turned out delicious! TL-BL: Very cool, very busy, and we pointed at other diner’s to order; standing in line for Gyoza; Gyoza Chef; Tomato Sorbet at Gantan.

We woke up bright and early to head to Tsukiji Fish Market before work. One of the favorite experiences of the trip.

Then we waited in line at 7am (for 40 minutes) at a Sushi restaurant right outside of the market. It was so worth it. Even the Uni (which isn’t typically our favorite) was delicious. Once we got a spot inside we stayed as long as we could.


Guest Buyer, Daniel, introduced us to some of his friends in Tokyo. Fun night out! Notice the Haven Shop sticker.

Just look at that Oo-Toro (right)! Standing Sushi Bar Shibuya was right around the corner from our hotel and we definitely took advantage. We ate here 3 out of the 4 days we had in Tokyo. Loved everything about it – the hole in the wall ambiance, the quality of the sushi, the standing, the interaction with the chefs, and the prices – SO reasonable! Can’t wait to go back.

The weather has been warmer than average in Tokyo this season so the Cherry Blossoms were in bloom early for us. Such a treat! This was Anna’s last day so Champagne was in order.

That’s a wrap for FW13 buying!

We’re glad to be back and focusing on the task at hand – SPRING!

Check out the new SS13 arrivals here (and look for another big drop on Thursday!)