April Round Up (Part 2)

Yesterday we gathered up a few of our favorite things from over the past month and shared them with you –today we’re wrapping our April round up with some seriously incredible art, a well rounded photo blog, a new restaurant and a fancy way to gussy up your summer patio beers. Let’s get started!


David Soukup:

“Escape artist” David Soukup’s stencil work is unparalleled. His attention to detail, and intricate lines make it hard to believe that these works of art were produced with cans of spray paint. His newest exhibition opened April 26th in Chicago and features the artist’s most personal work to date. For more info, check out core77 magazine’s interview with Soukup here.

Iconic Photos:

“A good photo is always a visual feast, but it often takes a great photo to make you hear the music, smell the scents, and live the events.”

It’s very rare that a photo blog manages to balance stunning visuals with well written content. Iconic photos manages to curate history’s most iconic imagesandtell you about them without sounding like an intro art history textbook. If you’re looking for something to sink into this lazy Sunday afternoon, you should direct your browsers toward this site. Do it.


 The Cavern:

Earlier this month, Edmonton’s 4th St Promenade welcomed a new addition to the family. The Cavern is a retail cheese store and licensed cafe where happy 104 wanderers can enjoy a latte, indulge in a light breakfast, or sit back and sip a glass of wine with the perfect cheese pairing. Coup was lucky enough to be invited to preview (pre-taste?) their offerings, and are looking forward to our next visit.

Beer Floats:

The other day Coup was having a serious team meeting. The issue? We needed a manly dessert to serve at a gathering of… well, dudes. The solution? Root beer floats, sans the root part. Most recipes online call for a darker beer, like a chocolate stout; but we opted to use an apricot beer instead. The resulting dessert-beverage was a resounding success and will be on our regular summer cocktail rotation.

And that’s a wrap! We hope you’ve enjoyed our April round up, and we can’t wait to see what May has in store!