Pajama Party!

Sundays are all about rest and relaxation. Whether you’re going for a walk, meeting up with friends or just curling up with a book and a coffee at your favorite cafe, we see no reason why your “Sunday best” can’t be both comfortable and stylish.

The pajama/palazzo pant trend has gained momentum since its summer 2012 resurrection and it’s pretty safe to say that they have become part of this season’s must-have pieces.

We’ve had a few women ask us about how to style this season’s “it” pant, so here it goes…

The trick is to get that right level of “laid-back” without looking like you should be going back to bed.


1. Because these pants are loose fitting, pick a top that is more structured (we are really tailored crop tops this season) or tuck it in if it’s made of a lighter fabric –this will highlight your waistline, and give your outfit a more polished look without losing that low-maintenance vibe.


2. Depending on where you are wearing your pants, you have a few options for jackets. A structured blazer looks great with pretty much anything –but if you are looking for a more casual look, a bomber jacket is a substitute with a little more street-style.


3. Use a minimalist approach to accessorizing. Many designers have opted to use bold prints and contrasting colors for these pants –we like to let them stand out on their own. A structured bag, and the perfect flat shoe are really all you need; but if you’re feeling like amping up your outfit, try pairing it with a bag in a bright solid color.