Made in Canada

Canada is filled with some amazingly talented, creative, and inspirational people. Meet some people who are born in Canada and have made their mark around the world & inspire us at Coup!


Tommy Ton :: Photographer 

Born in Ontario, Tommy Ton started his career off the young age of 15. A photographer who mainly taught himself  by attending a few classes and had some assistance from a few graphic designer friends, now is making a strong name for himself in the fashion industry. Working with high end department stores like Lane Crawford, and then onto fashion coverage for and GQ. Many may know him for his great street style coverage and his fashion blog, Jak and Jil.



Linda Evangelista :: Model

One of the “Original” supermodels. Born in Ontario, she began her modeling career in the late 70’s. It wasn’t till years later she reluctantly cut her hair that became her signature crop. She’s been featured over 600 magazine covers and holds the record for being on the cover of Vogue Italia. Over the years she still manages to look amazing posing pregnant on the cover of Vogue at the age of 41.

She coined the phrase “We don’t wake up for less than $10,000 a day” … Could you imagine!?


Coeur De Pirate :: Musician

We love a little French flare here at Coup Boutique. If you ever make it into the boutique, you’ll hear the lovely voices Juliette Grecko, Edith Piaf, and Coeur De Pirate softly singing in the background. She always looks sweet and adorable wearing baby doll dress and mini skirts with loose sweaters, but she’s also filled with tattoos that give her that slight edge to balance her look out. She’s born and raised in Montreal. Started playing the piano at the age of 3 and hasn’t stopped since… And you don’t need to know French to enjoy her music.

And for those who are in NYC September 19th, Coeur De Pirate, will be at the Beacon theater to pay tribute to Edith Piaf.



Calla Haynes :: Designer :: CALLA

Calla Haynes is a Toronto born designer who now lives in Paris. Her fashion journey began attending Parsons School of Design in New York and Paris. Shortly after, she worked with Oliver Theyskens and Nina Ricci. With her talent and experience, she has started up her own line based out of Paris called, CALLA. The collections are based in her idea of “relaxed luxury.” wanting them to be modern and easy to wear.

Each piece is beautifully designed with strong colors and delicate prints, which she has become known for. {Coming to Coup this FW’13}