Erin Reade by Jan-Micheal Stasiuk

August 24, 2013


Earlier this week, Edmonton fashion photographer, Jan-Michael Stasiuk pulled some pieces from our shop for a shoot with Paris-based model, Erin Reade. We’re absolutely thrilled with the results from this collaboration –effortlessly cool.

Check out some our favorite shots from this series:

(Shop the look by clicking on the photo)

Erin Reade - Jan Michael StasiukErin Reade - Jan Michael Stasiuk Erin Reade - Jan Michael StasiukaXGN6JiZMAT0M1TZIw8mDJBxo4XSoGkMLfugwCpeTEo


aXGN6JiZMAT0M1TZIw8mDJBxo4XSoGkMLfugwCpeTEoErin Reade - Jan Michael Stasiuk