EACH x OTHER: Art Meets Fashion


EACH x OTHER is collaborative Art & Fashion brand that embodies a unisex wardrobe with a classic masculine direction. Their pieces are timeless, genderless, and ageless all while maintaining simple uniqueness.

This Paris based brand focuses on mixing androgynous styles with original prints created by international artists. Co-founder Jenny Mannerheim comes from a strong art background. She has worked for art publications and founded her own gallery in Paris. Jenny would exclaim “art is useless”, so she had an idea that if you take art and put it into something like clothing then it becomes functional. Jenny later met Ilan Delouis, who had a reputable fashion background as the founder of Faith Connexion, and the two quickly joined forces to create Each X Other.

They have since collaborated with talented artists from all over the world. The collection ranges from denim and simple tees to blouses and biker jackets. In each collection you will find  limited edition Artist collaboration pieces unique to that season. For Fall 2013, we fell in love with the creations designed by artists Yi Zhou, Daniele Innamorato and Alessandra D’Urso.


Each X Other is now available online and in-store. Below is a sneak preview.




Two Tone Leather Biker Jacket



Embossed Leather Jacket



Contrast Sleeve Shirt



‘Yi Zhou’ Tee Shirt




Waffle Splatter Sweatshirt



Boyfriend Leather Denim

Here are profiles of the Artists we selected this season:

Yi Zhou |  A young Chinese artist who currently resides in China. She lived in Rome at the age of ten. From there she studied between London and Paris and earned a degree in Political Science and Economics. Her work has been shown at The Shanghai Biennale, The Venice Biennale and at The Sundance Film Festival.



Daniele Innamorato | An Italian artist based in Milano had originally studied photography and then became a self taught painter. His artwork has been featured in galleries from all over including Paris, Milan and Dubai. He is also one of the founders on the artistic collective and independent art magazines Kings.



Alessandra D’Urso | An Italian artist who studied photography at the Internationl Center of Photography and Film at the New York Film Academy. She spent ten years on the road capturing the life styles of icons like Iggy Pop, Jack White and Jay-Z. She then turned her focus on to artist like Julian Schnabel, Tom Shacs and Terence Koh. But it’s passion for photography that drives her. “For me photography is a way to understand and accept the world. It’s an excuse to travel and meet the most incredible people.”

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These limited edition pieces are now available at Coup Boutique : Shop here