Fall Beauty Picks

October 12, 2013

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As soon as the leaves start to yellow a tinge and break from their branches, it’s time to switch up the denim skirts and sandals in your wardrobe for boots, beautiful knit scarves and thick coats. It doesn’t stop with what you wear either. This seasonal transition is also a time for change in your beauty routine. Yes, you got away with washing your face and applying sunscreen all summer, but with fall (and sadly winter) here, your skincare and beauty routine will need a change up as well.

For those of you who maintain the same beauty routine year-round, try using a moisture mask once a week. It’s a simple and easy way to boost hydration in the skin and adds that highly coveted glow. I highly recommend either the Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Vitalizing Masque
Or the Erno Laszlo Hydra Therapy Skin Vitalizing Mask.

And don’t forget about the eyes! Darphin has created a quick and easy-to-use eye treatment mask to help those of us who aren’t blessed with perfectly bright and firm eyes. This eye treatment really helps to simultaneously decrease puffiness and darkness around the eyes (which we all have at some point) and feels cool instantly upon application.  And for those of us who frequent the airport, this mask is an absolute necessity. Apply a small amount of Darphin’s Eye Sorbet Mask under the eyes while on the plane and wipe off after 10 minutes in order to look and feel refreshed.

Now for those of you who are more serious about your skincare and need to see results, I highly recommend using products that help exfoliate the skin on a regular basis. I always like to opt for something with super fine crystals that will polish your skin without irritating and scratching it. No one wants red blotchy skin as an accessory. I recommend the Skin Authority Exfoliating Cleanser. The cleanser has small spherical beads that won’t harm the skin, as well as a gentle formulation of glycolic acid to help dissolve dry flaky skin. Use it twice a week instead of your regular cleanser to help buff your way to smooth skin. Men also really like this cleanser so feel free to leave it in the shower and share.

For those of you who are a little more sensitive, try a gommage instead. What is that? Gommage is French for cleansing in circular motions to help the skin exfoliate. Gommages are generally formulated with an exfoliating enzyme instead of a granular one. This is great for someone with an uneven skin texture or someone who is highly sensitive and can’t stand the rubbing feeling on the skin. A super gentle version of this gommage formulation is the YSL Gommage. It is a rich honey-like texture and is actually packed with sugars that are naturally exfoliating but also really great for holding moisture. This exfoliator is gentle enough to be used once a day as a cleanser and even with your Clarisonic for an extra deep buffing.