November Rain

November 15, 2013

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It’s not fall, it’s not winter, it’s not snowing, it’s not sunny! If you’re like us, you’re finding yourself wondering what to wear on these limbo days. Anna went to the drawing board and decided on something that provided comfort, warmth, and style. A combination hard to come by!

Below is what she came up with.

1. She started with the most comfortable dress in the world, by Raquel Allegra, and went from there

2. She added her favorite Sophie Hulme Varsity Trench

3. She felt her hair starting to get frizzy (it is raining, after all) so decided to add another layer – the detachable hooded vest that comes with said favorite jacket (Sophie Hulme Varsity Trench).

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Stay tuned for Holiday looks next week . . .

Rainy-Day-2 Rainy-Day-1 Rainy-Day-3