Warmth + Structure | Designer Jenni Kayne’s Los Angeles Home

Coup favourite JENNI KAYNE opened her stunning Beverly Hills home for a profile in Architectural Digest; the results are well worth a gander. If a person’s space is a reflection of their personality, then the symbiosis between Kayne’s home and the elegant comfort and minimalist chic of her design work is evident. The abundant use of wood throughout the space lends a rustic warmth to an otherwise contemporary aesthetic, and the children’s playroom is beyond sweet. Of the space, Kayne is quoted saying: ‘There’s no plastic and no garish colors. Doing four collections a year, I’m surrounded by different colors and patterns all day long. I need the place where I live to be clean and simple’. The resultant home is a worthy oasis. Take a peek below:

kayne 1

kayne 2

kayne 3

kayne 4

kayne 5