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March 04, 2014

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The Designers | Sean Monahan & Monica Paolini

(^ above image from Harpers Bazaar)

We first met the duo, behind the line Sea, back in September 2013 in NYC. Sean and Monica go way back –they grew up together in upstate New York, went to school together and now work, live, and design the collection together. It’s safe to day that these two have a unique bond.

In 2006, Sean left the life on Wall Street and launched Sea New York. Not long after, Monica, who had designed for Jill Stuart and Betsy Johnson, teamed up with Sean, and together have built their incredible line.

We walked up (a seemingly endless flight of stairs) to their home/loft/studio/showroom and were greeted by Sean. The Showroom is bright and airy and we immediately zeroed in on the beautiful collection hanging in front of us. There were racks and racks full of textured lace, prints, and denim. We started on opposite ends of the racks and soon found ourselves falling in love with every single piece.  Monica modeled all of the pieces we grabbed, which was not an easy task as we had selected so many…

While Monica and Sean went through the collection, we helped ourselves to a seat at their dining table which was covered with pastries and treats from All Good Things (a personal favourite of Sean’s and now,  a favourite of ours as well!).

So, who is the “Sea girl”?

“She is chic, feminine, unpretentious, loyal, and happy to wear Sea. She’s studying, working, traveling and going out on the town but always wants to feel like herself. She’s vibrant, free, and perhaps, modestly provocative.”


Sea | SS14

Preview what’s in store now (online Thursday):

   Sea New YorkSEASS14_450x675

(Photos provided by Harper’s Bazaar,, and yours truly (Coup)!)