You make me feel…Karl-ish.

March 24, 2014


After casually polling friends and acquaintances, it seems that there are quite a few emoticons that people would add to Emoji’s collection if they could. How is it that there is an eggplant, an old time-y radio, and a freaky ghost with an eye patch, yet no river, no yogis, and most importantly, no cheese?

I have a hunch that fashion’s favourite German, Karl Lagerfeld, must have been having the same trouble expressing himself when he came up with his new app, emotiKarl. Yes: this is a thing. Released as a promotional tool for his latest fragrance, the app includes an emoti of the Eiffel Tower, of fingerless-gloved hands making a hashtag symbol, of Karl’s cat, Choupette, and of the man himself in various states of emotion. Not sure if this makes up for Emoji’s oversights (and, surprisingly, there is no Chanel symbol!), but it sure makes typing things like, ‘From Paris with Love’ a lot cuter.