To Make an End | Transition 2016

January 03, 2016


With the new year come the first glimpses of a new season, fluctuating temperatures and the slow but sure extension of daylight. During these months of transition we find ourselves drawn to clothing that is more constant –  seasonless colours and timeless shapes. Our latest campaign features our favourite transition pieces from 08 Sircus, Public School, Sacai, and Ports 1961.

Photography: Jan-Micheal Stasiuk

Makeup: Nickol Walkemeyer

Model: Heather Hockley

Styling: Anna McDonough + Aseil Eljallad


S H O P   the  campaign 

CoupSS16_10(portra)-edit CoupSS16_1(portra)-edit- CoupSS16_7(portra) CoupSS16_2(portra)-edit CoupSS16_4-edit CoupSS16_6-edit CoupSS16_5(portra)-edit CoupSS16_8(portra)-edit CoupSS16_9(portra)-edit

S H O P   the  campaign